Here you can find some reviews of Let the Darkness Welcome You

Metal Invader - July, 29th 2006

Into their latest Demo release NICTA from Rovigo (Italy) presents a very interesting mix of melodic Power Metal with extreme Metal elements. Using the term extreme I refer both to the Black Metal musical parts and to the brutal moments of NICTA's music. All this interesting mixture is offered under a symphonic background brining in mind bands like DIMMU BORGIR or CHILDREN OF BODOM. The band seems to have spent hundreds of hours in order to create the structures of their songs. Every single minute a new musical surprise is waiting the listener. Rhythm changes, melodic or brutal breakings, well arranged symphonic or atmospheric parts, complete a great unique result. Do not expect the typical Symphonic Black Metal in here as this band has really more to offer. The production is crystal clear something that is very positive especially for this kind of music. The demo comes in fine artwork as well and this is another feature that proves how seriously the members of this band have taken their art. I would be very happy if I notice a full length delivered from NICTA. They really deserve it.

Rating: 4.5/5

Chris Papadakis

Vampire-Magazine.com - February, 8th 2006

What do you get when you put an average power metal cd on the charcoal grill and leave it there for a couple of minutes? Most likely a burned and ruined cd. But what if you'd do the same with the 'music' of that same cd? You will end up with the same kind of music that Nicta did. Charcoaled power metal, for lack of a better description, raw and burned on the edges. The cd starts off in a true power metal fashion with "Millenary Order". This song is a great example of their Italian and Scandinavian influenced neoclassical power metal. But then when the vocals kick in instead of a high pitched scream, like is expected, the song turns aggressive with Fabio's growls. There's also a guest appearance of singer Federica Valarin, who with her clean voice, complements Fabio's vocals perfectly. Also worth mentioning are guitarists Nuccio Cafs solos here. I'll pick out a few other songs like "In Embryo" which is one of the faster tracks and is a lot more aggressive. Again this song shows a wide range of vocals. My personal favorite "Let us Suffer" with a very (and I really mean VERY) catchy chorus is clocking well over 7 minutes and doesn't get for even a second. 'Let the Darkness Welcome You' consists of coherent compositions, it all works very well together. Federica Valarin performs additional vocal parts in "Millenary Order", "In Embryo" and "Manchurian Candidates" and adds to the diversity of the music. Kudos go out to Fabio Valentini (what's in a name) for the excellent vocals on this disc. Seemingly without any effort at all he manages to switch from dark aggressive growls to clean vocals. The awesome solos and catchy melodies combined with the rhythm and atmosphere of a true black metal band. I must admit for most black metal fans the drums and keyboards might sound a bit too bright and crisp. But then again, an open-minded black metal fan could easily be amused by this album. Nicta has won me over for sure! The motto of Nicta when they started off in 2001 must have been to boldly go where no power metal band has gone before and trust me... they did just that......

Rating: Not rated


PowerMetal.de - January, 4th 2006

The band was founded in 2001 and already started to add some pompous and sinister aspects to their music on their debut mini-album "Dark Rays Rip The Light" with stylistic devices known from Black Metal. Back then those first steps were pretty promising but not really consequent enough. That left some potential for improvement and the Italians really did use that potential. On "Let The Darkness Welcome You", they boldly make some more steps in the right direction and change the Power Metal with occassional Black-Metal-vibes they played before to a real hybrid between melodic Heavy Metal with both Italian and Scandinavian influence and epic-bombastic Black Metal. In terms of songwriting, playing skills and production, the quintet also did improve a whole lot. Nothing is pointlessly turning circles anymore. Instead, we can find song-structures with massive grip and arrangements with a lot of high pressure. The keyboard grants the songs a certain majestic touch, which surprisingly is not cheesy or overdone at all. Frontman Fabio Valentini, who delivers all shades from decent, moderately low Power-Metal-shouts up to blackened screeching in the vein of Ihsahn, shares vocal duties with his female collegue Federica Valarin, who guests on three out of five songs. She has a very good voice and thank goodness, she avoids any angelic soprano clichees. Her voice is very natural, powerful, always unpretentious, relaxed and earthbound. Maybe a vague comparison with Karen Gilligan wouldn't be completely out of place. Overall the vocal mix makes NICTA stick out their head out of the grey masses and really helps them standing on their own feet. The roots of the band are still present in the neo-classical melodic leadguitars, which however get a sinister horror-vibe because of the addition of the dark keyboard-arrangements and remarkable parts of the vocals. The opener 'Millenary Order', with a lot of space for the clear voices of Fabio and Federica, really impresses me in that regard, however still keeping the aggressive basis. Especially the female vocals are very convincing here, the chorus is simply great and the dramatic aspects are very well executed, including Nuccio Cafs leads and solos. 'Embryo' gets darker and more horror-like from the start with the cembalo-like sounds. Fabio's vocals show a lot of variability here, reaching from dark growls via hysteric screams to meaningful whispers. Between all that, we have another great contribution of Federica in the chorus. 'Let Us Suffer' is mostly pretty quick and rather aggressive, however including some slow and dark passages. The microphone is completely handled by Mr. Valentini here, which is also the case on the following 'The Night I Fell', which somehow recalls DIMMU BORGIR. That really works, too. At the end of the disc there's finally the most melodic and sophisticated track of the album: 'Manchurian Candidates'. Federica also does contribute again, which turns out as a very positive thing here. However one might twist and turn it, NICTA are somewhere in between two camps, but apparently they're really comfortable with that situation. Surely there might be some blackies who won't like the melodic and epic approach, while certain melodic-metal-fans certainly could dislike the evil screams and growls. However, any metalhead who are simply fed up with stylistic one-way-thinking and dead-ends, and who like both orchestral Melodic Metal and bomastic Black Metal will find a excellently produced and very well worked out fusion of those two genres, which will easily get memorable after some spins. I'd say we can expect quite some more great things to come from the camp of Italy's NICTA. For now, you can listen to several tracks of this mini-album and the previous demo on their band's homepage. Enjoy!

Rating: Not rated

Rdiger Stehle

Metal Storm - November, 28th 2005

"Extreme power metal" or "power metal with harsh vocals"... I guess "blackened power metal" will best describe Nicta's music as they mix power metal and black metal elements. This 3rd demo - actually a mini CD - is said to illustrate the mix even better than their previous efforts. The band insists that the keyboard is an essential part of their music. This element is required to render a "grandiose" and "horrific" atmosphere even though that's true those keyboard parts may sound too bright and far from black metal, as well as the drums, and also the vocals (growls, harsh, clean and even female vocals)... The guitars are great, delivering awesome solos. Still, Nicta manages to create a dark atmosphere clearly different from what power metal usually offers. Every song on this CD has a complex and coherent structure gathering all the various pieces of the Nicta puzzle. The production is very good. It may be a bit flat (especially some keyboard passage) but you can't expect the finest production from a self-produced record. Some vocal parts could probably be improved, but their variety highly compensates for this. "Let The Darkness Welcome You" is for open-minded listeners and those who appreciate non-linear songs and grat musicianship. Maybe going one step further into black metal could be a good thing for Nicta to strengthen their music which is really promising.

Rating: 7.5/10


::: EUTK ::: - October, 19th 2005

I had already had the pleasure to be interested in Nicta nearly two years ago, on the occasion of their second demo of the band's young career, the first-rate "Dark Rays Rip the Light". In that occasion Nicta showed like a band with excellent capacities, playing a neoclassical power metal enriched by extreme influences, demonstrating, however, a good personality and a reasonable bent. Now Nicta suggest us a new demo made up of five pieces, the obscure "Let the Darkness Welcome You": will be enough to give a glance to the booklet of this Cd to realize the great care placed by Nicta, in this new coming out, the booklet appears as simple as tasteful. "Let the Darkness Welcome You" proposes a today's production finally it is abreast of the times; undoubtedly it is above the average of the demos, this is a peculiarity that marks the new Nicta's compositions: the band it is slowly rising from the point of view of the originality, developing in time a personal and recognizable sound. Fabio Valentini has dropped the high vocal parts that characterized the pieces of the previous demo, dedicating more space to the extreme and scratching vocal lines and the voice of Federica Valarin, special guest of the platter, she gives greater diversity to the compositions. Perhaps "Millenary Order" leads off the dance, piece marked by the presence of neoclassical orchestration and resonance, with catchy keyboard and guitar refrain that are in contrast with the violence of the Valentini's voice. The gripping rhythm of "In Embryo" scanned by the excellent vocal lines of the singer, while the long "Let Us Suffer" is an aggressive piece that paints desolating atmospheres, very well made by the keyboards of Graziano Ferracioli. Also "The Night I Fell" and "Manchurian Candidates" express excellent making up and orchestral abilities, than in this new demo the boys have grown and they are finally ready for the debut album... we hope it will come soon!!!

Rating: 7.5/10

Marco 'Lendar' Pessione

HMP - May, 22nd 2005

After the excellent demo "Dark Rays Rip The Light", Nicta publish the new-miniCD "Let The Darkness Welcome You", expecting a full length early. They are composers of a symphonic power metal fastest with black metal parts, Nicta are ready to do the qualitative leap. The vocal adaptability of the singer Fabio Valentini is extraordinary, he's able to pass from the wildest growl to the clean vocals with the greatest of ease. Nicta's sound is the quintessence of dynamics, non-stop changes of tempo and a widespread use of the keyboards make sure of the italian combo one of the best news of the European metal. They are gifted with strong personality, refining technique and mature song writing, maybe they are more believable than bands like Cradle Of Filth; Nicta are the join between the horror metal of Mercyful Fate and the symphonic black metal of Dimmu Borgir: fans, belonging to this same way, do not hesitate about Let The Darkness Welcome You. Marvellous the guitar riff (Nuccio Caf), clear the composer's 80'es roots, they 're revitalized by black metal style supported with a derailing drum work (Andrea Bertassello). Width the range of sounds used by Ferracioli, he does all he could to be out of breath in every passage with melodic openings. Although the prevalent element is the technical cleannes, Nicta do not haggle over the power. The constant accelerations, tied to several unbroken tempos, the horror breaks , with the Fabio's usual vocal transformism, make of "In Embryo", "Let Us Suffer" and "Manchurian Candidates" a business card that does not deserve objection.

Five devastating pieces.

Rating: 4/5

Stefano Giacometti

Metallized - July, 6th 2005


Third demo-Cd for the Italians Nicta, the band is from Rovigo and it plays a strong, powerful and intriguing obscure Metal. This Combo proposes us an interesting blend of power/epic with many vocals in black metal style, than they alternate between clean parts and the longing voice of the guest Federica Valarin. Five powerful tracks, very organized and well produced: the opener "Millenary Order" is the perfect example of the Nicta's striked stylistic interlacement. Typically they range between power rhythms and wild outburst like 'Dimmu Borgir'. The work's essence convinces, the songs (above all at first 3 tracks) are a perfect metal mixture, they turn out pleasant, powerful and enjoyable too, even if sometimes they are a trickle nave during the sound solutions or during the drawing up of the solos. I listened to this Demo-Cd more than once for the pleasure to listen to our home band struggling with a well-written, very well-played and dragging music. In my simple opinion, people run the eyes over this band, they have excellent ideas and a great upwardtrend. Furious Headbanging with epic choruses? It is possible to do it, have you already asked to Nicta the making of...?
'You are the best and fuck the rest!'

Rating: 8/10

Pippo Marino "Sbranf"

The Metal Fortress - June, 25th 2005


Immediately "Let the Darkness Welcome You" hits the listener for the large amount of ideas, for the sound variety, for the opulence of the keyboards and the well-reasoned dinamysm that he has listened to previously.

Rating: 81/100


Heavy Place - October, 25th 2005

The band has a personal sound, this sound holds the best more traditional heavy metal melodic characteristics combining the aggressiveness of the more extreme metals genres like the black and thrash metal. The work, carrying out by the band 'till now, is almost perfect and this disc is the pleasant confirmation of the band's remarkable reached maturity.

Rating: 9/10

Mary Vicentini

HardSounds.it - October, 4th 2005

The pieces have complex frameworks, that they put the band in a unique kind of metal with full of atmosphere and gaps progressive pieces. The band's technical level is above the standard average of. A pleasant and easy-listening work.

Rating: 70/100

Marco "Yorick" Tortato

The Murder Inn - September, 20th 2005

The tracks are very fluent, dynamic and in some point they smash your face and they upset you. Excellent the refrains, impossible to forget and at second hearing you are going to singing them with outstretched arms...

Rating: 7.5/10


Metalitalia.com - June, 1st 2005

The quintet's multiform personality is reflected in this new and filled "Let Darkness Welcome You", it is a kaleidoscope of various musical moods ennobled from a mature and deep song writing that testifies the artistic and the sense of composition growth of the band.

Rating: 7.5/10

Luca Pessina

Spirit of Metal - May, 21st 2005

They are therefore five pieces of great quality that Nicta propose us in their new demo. Every time I have listened to the disc I was possessed by it. Amazing!!!

Rating: 17/20


Holy Metal - April, 22nd 2005

A beautiful sounds cauldron that the band is able to conduct with the ability of an accomplished conductor, doling out to perfection the vocals, proposing effective refrains very often and they let cohabit in every single song two very distinguished spirits, one darker and one decidedly more bright.

Rating: 8.5/10


Pull The Chain - July, 25th 2005

Newest effort by this very good Italian act that slightly modified their initial power black nature by adding more horror black metal surroundings. I already reviewed (and praised if I remember well) the "Dark Days Rip The Light" demo recorded by the band some two years ago. Over a pretty brutal fast black metal foundation, Nicta has added some progressive riff schemes, atmospheric keyboard surroundings and once again ultra catchy power metal riff schemes that of course include some nice solo actions. In this regard, the song patterns feature many unpredictable rhythm and pace changes, as well as it provides a great variety of structures and atmospheres. Some 'strange' female vocal works also add another dimension to the whole concept. As said, the overall sound are given value by the guitar / keyboard lines combination. Nicta is what you may regard as an exciting act (sometimes reminiscent of the fantastic Italian act Summoner) that deserves your attention. Essential and excellent. One of my fave demo of the last months.

Rating: Not rated


Behind The Veil ezine - May, 29th 2005

Nicta from Italy is one of those bands that convinced me with their very first demo that they are capable of doing a lot of things! Well, "Let The Darkness Welcome You" proved me right! No doubt, that Nicta here bring their music one step forward. The band is more confident than ever and that has a result on the compositions, which are almost progressive in their structure. Yes, here you can listen to quite many tempo and theme changes in one song without boring you. On the contrary, these changes are done in such a way that they serve the compositions and make them more interesting. If on their first work Nicta combined melodic death metal with power metal in their sound, on this CD you will also find influences from other metal genres, such as black and neoclassical metal. I don't know how they've managed it, but "Let The Darkness Welcome You" sounds as their more extreme and yet melodic release. These two elements (melody and brutality) coexist in such a harmonic and functional way in their compositions that you won't believe! I also loved the use of female vocals, an addition that gives even more depth to their sound. Nicta is a band with personality and I really find it hard to believe that they haven't found a contract yet... No hesitations here, order the CD, which is very professionally set...

Click here to read the interview.

Rating: Not rated

Nick "William_Kidd" Parastatidis

Metal Domination - April, 20th 2005

Two years ago a new band from Italy sent me their second demo, their first one was in 2002, this band has a Greek name too, Nicta and their music direction was a technical black metal. Some days ago Nicta, released their third demo CD, with five new songs. The music direction, hasn't change, the band still continues to play black metal, with some guest female vocals and very complex guitars. You can say that the band combines the progressive metal with the black metal and they have did it very well. With very nice and well worked compositions. Keyboards that gives another atmosphere to the whole result and a very good production, don't forget also that this is the third attempt from the band and they have already some experience with the recordings. Also Nicta had already shared the stage with bands like UDO, Vader and Extrema. If you want to hear something fresh to this music section, i suggest to hear the latest work from Nicta, I found very nice and good. I hope some day the band will find a label to release their debut album.

Rating: 8/10

Antonis Maglaras