Fabio Valentini - Vocals

Graziano Ferracioli - Keyboards

Nuccio Cafà - Guitars

Stefano Marchetto - Bass

Andrea Bertassello - Drums
Biography - December 2006

The band was born December 2001 with the intent to play a melodic and aggressive metal. The member of the original line-up (Fabio Valentini - vocals, Graziano Ferracioli - keyboards, Maikel Bononi - guitars, Stefano Marchetto - bass, Andrea Bertassello - drums) come from different music experiences, from pop to power-thrash metal, which have surely enriched Nicta's style.

After the first promo CD (May 2002) and a few gigs, August 2002 the band welcomed Nuccio Cafŕ as guitar player in the place of Maikel Bononi. With this changing the songs became more complex, heavier and were focused on a strong use of guitars with rapid and scratching rhythmics. Typical power/epic atmosphere and vents at the border of thrash-black characterize new Nicta's songs.

Between April and June 2003 the band recorded the second promo CD "Dark Rays Rip the Light" which includes songs written by the new line-up and shows the complete estrangement from "old style. After the recording session the band began to promote "Dark Rays..." and it obtained wide favors of audience during some live shows. Also between the reviewers of the webzines, the promo did not stop to attract attentions and it was the subject of a lot of flattering reviews from the main Italian and foreign metal portals and from some magazines.

During 2004 the promotion of the CD continued and the band was engaged in many live shows in the North of Italy, both in pubs during the winter and open-air concerts during the summer. The more significant experiences were the live show supporting Extrema and the Valpolicella Metal Fest, where Nicta shared the same stage together with famous international artists such as U.D.O., Vader, and White Skull.

At the same time of the live activity, the band composed new songs where the power-black fusion and the increased complexity are more evident. June 2004 the band began the recording of "Let the Darkness Welcome You" which was finally released in April 2005. This third release contains five new tracks and the new sound is an unusual mixture of power metal and symphonic black metal.

During the promotion of "Let the Darkness…" the band did several gigs in the North of Italy, including the Metal Invaders 05. As well as the former release, this CD had a lot of excellent reviews and in January 2006 it obtained a nomination in the category The Best Demo for the Awards 2005 of the webzine Metal Storm.

Between August and November 2006 the band recorded the new Mini-CD "Rage and Fury Fed Us", available starting from January 2007, which contains four new songs, four new Nicta-style's Extreme Power cutting blows, longer but more immediate episodes, that underline the continuous increase of the composition's maturity and a natural stylistic evolution due to the experience the band gained with the two previous releases.

Nicta is currently engaged in the promotion of its last fatigue and it is searching for a deal with a label to release its first full-length album.