Rage and Fury Fed Us

Between August and November 2006 the band recorded the new Mini-CD "Rage and Fury Fed Us", available starting from January 2007, which contains four new songs, four new Nicta-style's Extreme Power cutting blows, longer but more immediate episodes, that underline the continuous increase of the composition's maturity and a natural stylistic evolution due to the experience the band gained with the two previous releases.

This Mini-CD includes:

1) Civil War (5:46)
    Download (7.9 MB) - Lyrics

2) Frozen Sleeper (8:52)
    Download (12.1 MB) - Lyrics

3) Blossom of Pain (7:57)
    Download (10.9 MB) - Lyrics

4) Set the Fury Free (7:28)
    Download (10.2 MB) - Lyrics

Download not available yet.

You can listen to our songs on-line, check out our MySpace Profile

Special thanks to:

Alessandro Bonini - www.bonizdesign.com - for the Artwork and Cover Design.
Maikel Bononi - Mak on deviantART - for the band photo.
Alessandra and Federica for the constant "lifetime" support.
Nicola Balliana @ Lizard for technical support.
Campo Beer Crew, our friends and each band we've shared the stage with.

This Mini-CD is dedicated to Manuel Ferrari. R.I.P. our friend.

All music by Graziano Ferracioli & Nuccio Cafà.
All lyrics by Fabio Valentini.