Here you can find some reviews of Dark Rays Rip the Light

Heavy Metal Universe

DRRTL is the second demo of this Italian band formed in late 2001. The music of NICTA can be described as an epic power thrash metal with some death/black passages. For the symphonic arrangements, NICTA use lots of keyboards to create some lyrical atmosphere and harmonies while guitars bring dynamism and strength. To give you an idea of the complexity of their music, I should say that the black passages may look like CRADLE OF FILTH while the epic atmosphere is close to KAMELOT, SYMPHONY X, ANGRA or RHAPSODY. There are also some power thrash aspects close to CHILDREN OF BODOM. Their music contains a lot of breaks, tone variations changing from thrash to black, from atmospheric to aggressive, from epic to rhythmic enhancing the beauty and color of their music. The three first songs are a good expression and balance between epic, power thrash and black while the fourth and last is more typically black with a lot of atmospheric passages in slow tempos which renders well the duality of the lyrics. The production is professional and compatible with actual market standards. At the end, here is an album that is interesting and tends to step out from the usual productions, with some innovations that deserve some attentions since the compositions are terrific and shows the potential and maturity of this band. I hope that they'll get signed and release a full album soon.

Rating: 5/6


Mondongo Canibale

Fuck, can you imagine a band that could mix the heavy/epic metal of bands like Rhapsody, Running Wild or Labyrinth with death/thrash/black influences a la dark tranquility, children of bodom, cradle of filth or old man´s child?, are you able to imagine?, well, this is what our italian friends Nicta show us in this four tracks promo, maybe you think that is a bit strange mix but I can assure you this people play it fucking good, wow, what a surprise, the combine perfectly heavy moments with other more aggresive and fast. This people know how to play an instrument, and that´s obvious, they give to their music a big cuality, full of a lot of details, very good melodies, magnificent riffs and full speed solos. First time I listened to it I was thinking like "fuck, what a strange combination", but now it´s impossible stop listening. I want remark the labour of mr. Fabio Valentini, with a big voice variation, he can sing the most high vocal tones in the heavy metal way (he don´t abuse of the high pitch, fortunately) with other tones more death/blackers. Resuming here we have a marvellous and original band, perfectly they could release an album in a "big" label, and I´m not joking, ´cause I don´t obtain money with this, I tell it with sincerity!!. Let´s see what happens in future, but if they continue in this way, they are a little lucky and anyone put they eyes on them I think that in a short time we´ll be a vey well known band. Great!!

Rating: Not rated


Beyond Webzine

Apparently, the Italian underground has plenty of good stuff to offer lately, like for example this new promo of Nicta, which is a rather young band that had the guts to mix Power Metal with more extreme styles like Thrash and Black Metal to eventually come up with a very innovative and not at all nonsensical result. I'm really pleased to hear newcomers as great as these guys, especially since labels sometimes have pathetic deaf morons working at their respective A&R departments, thus making it virtually impossible to grab an official disc from the shelves without having to fear that it could be pure shit compared with what the self-production department can offer. I'm sure you all know what I mean... Anyway, let's go back to Nicta... Apart from the general musicianship that is hundred percent awesome, I think the utilization of symphonic arrangements - totally synth based - enhance the beauty and the fullness of the atmospheres and that is the band's true winning card. In fact, without the different synth layers, the guitars would find themselves lost in emptiness; same thing goes for vocals, though their tone variations are pretty nice and colorful throughout all the songs. The sound quality, as about everything on this demo, is professional, so I'll simply recommend you check it out for yourselves...

Rating: 80/100


Metal Norge

I looked at the cover and read a bit in the booklet. Black metal, I thought, before I placed the CD in my player. And that’s how wrong you can get, this is pretty far from black metal, but that can be said about Dimmu Borgir, too? So, what is this? Well, this is a demo from Italy which the guys really has put a lot of work in, very nice booklet and all, great! And the music, well, it’s a bit special. If you can imagine a bowl with a lot of power metal in, a little bit of black metal, dark Rhapsody-like lyrics (not so fantasy related, though!), quite a lot of symphony and an Italian which has a good English pronouncement, and then you must not forget to stir around in the bowl, so the riffs get in the right place, well, then you have Nicta. The demo contains 4 tracks and consists of 23 minutes of music. And those 23 minutes are really surprisingly great metal. I like Rhapsody quite well, but I don’t think that is the cause of my appreciation for this demo. This is actually a little original. Well-played power metal without the clichès. They touch a little black metal at times and has a lot of nice symphony parts. Rhapsody spoke about making a “Rhapsody in black” record some time ago, but when they found out that black metal was about the devil and such, they tossed away the plans. They were obviously tossed right in the lap of the guys of Nicta. But, when that is said, it is important to point out that Rhapsody has a lot more symphony stuff going on in their music. The few things I miss on this demo is a bit darker expression, darker symphony pieces and more harsh grim vocals. But, I think I’ll take out and brush the dust of a word, which I can use for this demo: Masterfully done!

Rating: 8/10

Magnus R. Aspli

The Metal Observer

Metal from Italy by now is far more than just Power/Speed Metal, as from a few years ago. By now the country has strong bands in almost all areas and almost every week a new band shows up, trying to vie for a spot in the listener's ears. NICTA is the latest newcomer and looking at the cover and the title of this MCD, I had rather expected something in the shape of Death or Black Metal, but this quintet from Ceneselli (near Rome) truly surprised me, because even though they principally process Power Metal, they are far away from rehashing the typical Italo sound. For one not everything is cleanly sung, but Fabio Valentini here and there also utilises a Death Metal voice, which very nicely fits into the overall context, further than that they also stay away from the so popular "Happy Metal", preferring an a lot less bombastic variant, which sounds equally good. Seems to become a regular thing from Italy, to diversify one's sound. Opener "Enuma Elish" right away tells the story of the Sumerian gods, names such as Apsu, Marduk or Tiamat should be household names for many of you by now, musically realised with the already mentioned mix of crunchy Power Metal, the accompanying vocals and the well placed accentuation in form of the Death Metal voice. When right at the beginning both vocal styles set in, you think "Huh?", but soon the high voice takes over the command, with the Death vox only as additional element. Also the song structure is more than convincing, keeps up the tension, nicely varied, good start for sure. The following "Wrathful" then heralds quite a wallop (from the title alone) and NICTA indeed step on the pedal, powerful (musically as vocally), with a few typically Italian elements, but well implemented, with calmer passages as well as some furious outbreaks. The closing "The Darkest Inner Shadow" then surprises with a semi acoustic beginning and some Melodic Black Metal eruptions, which hit me pretty much unprepared, does not fully fit into the overall context, but still sounds good. So you see, NICTA is not your typical run of the mill band from Italy, packed into a more than usable sound, the quintet has put something out that really deserves your attention. As Power Metal fan, though, you'll need to have a tolerance for the at times more hefty vocals, otherwise this band is lost on you, still you should keep an eye on this band, because here something big might be in the making!

Rating: 7,5/10

Alex Melzer

::: EUTK :::

TOP DEMO - 12th November 2003
::: Eutk ::: is one of the most "clicked" Metal Webzine in Italy. Translated from the Italian review

“Dark Rays Rip the Light” is the evocative title of the second promotional demo of italian metal band Nicta. The band was born in the December 2001 and during the past year it has composed a short promotional cd containing three songs. With this new one demo, recorded in the spring of this year, Nicta venture on an original and good-quality Power Metal, enriched with different infuences, on all that Black Metal one. The four proposed songs bring to the light a discreet versatility in the songwriting. The promo starts with “Enuma Elish”, fast and winning piece that increasing the value of the crystal clear voice of the singer Fabio Valentini, skillful on the management between high notes and extreme choruses. From the first measures we can guess the great value of Graziano Ferracioli on the Nicta’s sound, he is a neoclassical keyboard player, and the song passes from parts very quick to relaxed and airy atmospheres. Instead “Wrathful” is decidedly more aggressive, and it has remembered to me, in various points, the Children of Bodom more melodic, also for some Graziano’s choices of sounds. It follows “Divine Deception”: also this piece is very dynamic and rich of changes of tempos, in which the Fabio’s voice can sweep from pulled and high parts, to other dark ones in black metal style, to other stiil sweet and relaxed. “TheDarkest Inner Shadow” is the closing song of this demo, in which the extreme infuences of Nicta prevail over the Power Metal of previous pieces, giving life to a violent and dark piece, very original, pure and extremely convincing. With this demo Nicta demonstrate good personality, rare quality of the present time, and sufficient to show up in a panorama submerged from Strato-clones. This Cd has been realized with great care and this testifies the optimal skills of the band; with a better production this work would not make a poor impression on the today’s market ... watch out Nicta, these five boys have all the cabilities in order to smash in!

Rating: 8/10

Marco 'Lendar' Pessione

Metal Domination E-zine

Here we have a metal band from Italy. This is their latest release. This band is very good because they combine various metal scenes like black,progressive,death and power metal. They have influences from Running Wild to Rhapsody and from Cradle of Filth to Dark Tranquility. The production is very good and the sound too. Also they have a very good cd cover. I think this band has the future in their feet.

Rating: 9,5/10

Antonis Maglaras

Silent Scream Webzine

Translated from the Italian review
“…The mastery in the musical and compositive field and the optimal production classify "Dark Rays Rip The Light" between the best innovationes in this field. The agility with which the boys move inside this particular kind of metal is something of particular, and the production of the peaces would make envy to several band. We have to watch out this band and they are a forced listening not only for "defender"...”

Rating: 7,5/10

Giorgio Fogliata

Pull The Chain

I really like this demo but eventually, I arrived to the conclusion that I shouldn’t 'cos when I try to describe it (and thus to review it) I end up using words and references that wouldn’t inspire me to listen to «Dark Rays Rip The Light». To be honest, I wasn’t expecting such a quality music : keyboards driven, fast paced, thrash speed power metal with some blackish death metal the whole coupled with high pitched screamed vocal works. Not my cup of tea but surprisingly, it really works out. Songs such as «Enuma Elish» or «Divine Deception» are really good and feature faster tempos and a better approach to song structures that what we have the use with most of the nowadays fast power metal acts. Describing Nicta as fast power metal band eventually will give the wrong impression about the music created by this Italian five piece. To my opinion, «Dark Rays Rip The Light» is a kind of encounter between In Flames, Sadus, Sadist, Necrodeath, Labyrinth and Illnath / Old Man’s Child musical worlds… strange isn’t it? A good singer, good musicians and good songwriters… for sure a good demo.

Rating: Not rated



Translated from the Italian review
“…An explosive mix will not give peace to your poor ears. There are too many irons in the fire...Everything is very effective and unforeseeable: a chaotic mix of kinds that are tied up optimally. A pleasant surprise. I did not think that in Italy we had a band with these similar abilities and therefore versatile in the use of various musical ways of metal. Mind!!”

Rating: 8/10

Stefano Muscariello


Translated from the Italian review
“…I can say this”Dark Rays Rip the Light” is a convincing job, in which Nicta demonstrate of having the means for being able to create something indeed personal...they are an optimal example like it is possible to try new ways inside the metal without distort that one that is the metal essence, if they will continue on this way we will have one large indeed band...”

Rating: 80/100

Matteo Lavazza

HMP - Heavy Music Portal

HMP is one of the most important Metal Webzine in Italy. Translated from the Italian review

Very frequently, the local musicians are touchy and it’s not possible to criticize their musical work (the aim is just to provide a constructive criticism) that they take offence if they are not very welcomed, even with a demo tape only in the black. Nicta situation is different, finally I have the possibility to listen to a four tracks cd with good sounds, optimal ideas and strong points that could excite envy to titled act of the world-wide scene. The bio of Nicta mentions about epic-power misted over with black metal. Nicta play fast and they are powerful, the keyboard is protagonist and it uses effective fugues that stand out over a base of red-hot metal. I am sure if they were foreign it would speak in pompous terms about Nicta, they are Italian and they have a lot of good ideas, really, the demo has painstaking arrangements and the technical talent does not lack. If they will be able to keep alive the power of the sound also in a close full lenght, tied to the symphonic side, surely they will not lack to collect attentions. You must listen to Enuma Elish and you have to draw the conclusions, Nicta, with taste, bind together elements of power metal to a romantic-prog side(congratulations for the symphonic ouvertures of Graziano Ferracioli), but the vocals of Fabio Valentini astonish, they are in a perfect rivalry with growl parts and other clean ones. Fabio has carried out a remarkable job between superimpositions and unfailing changes of tonality, truly an appreciate surprised, I challenge anyone not to think there are more singers in the bosom of Nicta. I do not imagine what Nicta would succeed to produce if they had the possibility to record under the supervision of an expert producer, even in one of the many Scandinavian recording-studios where productions with incredible sounds are produced. The folk-break in Divine Deception drives me crazy, the continuous and remarkable changes of tempo in Wrathful while the final The Darkest Inner Shadow has the Nevermore dark fascination.

The most promising band of the Italian metal.

Rating: 78/100

Stefano -Muttley The Flyer- Giacometti


Translated from the Italian review
“...a band with the ideas already clear and it is not far, qualitatively speaking, from bands that have a production deal that I have to listen to and review... Nicta propose a sort of symphonic epic power metal with thrash parts and melodic black metal fugues...the proposal of the band is rather atypical but often fascinating... a good job therefore, that it has very little to envy to sure foreign productions.”

Rating: 7/10

Luca Pessina


Translated from the Italian review
“…Nicta’s sound is oriented towards a dark symphonic power metal more agreeable and well developed... a sonorous context that shows off guessed changes of tempos, rhythmical architectures not expected and remarkable melodies... A style already mature...”

Rating: 8/10

Matteo Buti

Behind The Veil ezine

There is no doubt that the Italian metal scene is one of the healthiest in Europe lately! It is very easy to reach to this conclusion if you listen to the albums and demos that Italian bands have released the last 2-3 years. Most of them have originality, fantasy and skillfull playing. All of the above can also describe the sound of this great band, Nicta. the guys are simply unbelievable! They mix power, black, progressive and death metal in a very mature way. Bands like VIRGIN STEELE, CRADLE OF FILTH, DARK TRANQUILLITY, RHAPSODY and RUNNING WILD have influenced their sound to the point that they helped them create their own personality and assimilate these influences. Fabio Valentini is a really impressive singer changing his voice from power into black metal vocals! One of the most interesting and original bands that exist in the boundless field of heavy metal music! Check them out...

Rating: Not rated

Nick "William_Kidd" Parastatidis


Translated from the Italian review
“…It is marvellous as Nicta involve, in their sound, the most miscellaneous Metal branches! Epic, Power, Extreme Metal, Classic... they are joined in this disk in the most personal shape given by Nicta. A big surprise. A greatest Cd. A greatest band... I do not succeed to imagine what Nicta could produce if they will support by a big label! I Think the maturity has been already caught up!”

Rating: 8.5/10

~ C.Ð.M.~


Translated from the Italian review
“...Nicta always give life to compositions in the balance between the melody and the fury, followed by keyboards and piano with a power-epic taste...Therefore the optimal skill is to manage between several kinds and always they succeed in blending them with the main characteristic of Nicta.”

Rating: 8/10