Dark Rays Rip the Light

Between April and June 2003, Nicta has recorded new promo "Dark Rays Rip the Light". Metaphorically this title describes the stylistic turning point of the band. The group, now, is devoted to a more aggressive and furious metal with vents at the border of thrash/black in a melodic atmosphere, with power/epic connotation, trying to keep a right guitars and keyboards balance.

This promo includes:

1) Enuma Elish (5:35)
    Download (6.4 MB) - Lyrics

2) Wrathful (6:00)
    Download (6.9 MB) - Lyrics

3) Divine Deception (5:18)
    Download (6.1 MB) - Lyrics

4) The Darkest Inner Shadow (5:56)
    Download (6.8 MB) - Lyrics

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All music by Graziano Ferracioli & Nuccio Cafà.
All lyrics by Fabio Valentini.