Let the Darkness Welcome You

June 2004 the band began the recording of "Let the Darkness Welcome You" which was finally released in April 2005. This third release contains five new tracks and the new sound is an unusual mixture of power metal and symphonic black metal.

This Mini-CD includes:

1) Millenary Order (6:32)
    Download (7.5 MB) - Lyrics

2) In Embryo (6:09)
    Download (7.1 MB) - Lyrics

3) Let Us Suffer (7:06)
    Download (8.2 MB) - Lyrics

4) The Night I Fell (4:29)
    Download (5.2 MB) - Lyrics

5) Manchurian Candidates (6:05)
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Federica Valarin performed additional vocal parts in "Millenary Order", "In Embryo" and "Manchurian Candidates".

Federica Valarin

All music by Graziano Ferracioli & Nuccio Cafà.
All lyrics by Fabio Valentini.